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Flooring in Phoenix... Frequently Asked Questions


  • General Questions
  • Customer Service & Installation
  • Product Care Tips
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  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
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General Questions

What type flooring products does The Floor Company offer? - The Floor Company offers top quality products only, and all from leading manufacturers. All The Floor Company products are selected for their quality of construction, durability and fashionable appearance, and all carry a long-term warranty.

Does The Floor Company  have any showrooms or retail outlets? - Because of our convenient, Phoenix based shop-at-home services, we don't need showrooms or retail stores. This keeps our costs low, and we pass those savings on to you!

How do I shop with The Floor Company? Is there any charge or obligation for a shop-at-home appointment?  -  The Floor Company offers convenient shop-at-home services, at no cost and no obligation to you. We bring samples directly to your home, so you can see how they will look with your existing décor.

Customer Service & Installation

Do I need to call to confirm the time of installation?  - No, it is not necessary for you to confirm a time for your installation. A friendly Az Floor Company Customer Service Representative will call to confirm your installation appointment, usually the day before your install.

Does The Floor Company sell everywhere in Arizona?  -  Yes.

How can I schedule a free in home sales appointment?  -  You can schedule it here by selecting “Schedule a Free Estimate” from the top menu, or you can contact us at 602-687-6100 to schedule an appointment. Sales appointments are generally available between 8 am and 7 pm on weekdays and Saturdays, 10 am - 4 pm on Sundays.

What if I have to re-schedule my sales appointment?  -  To re-schedule an appointment, please contact 602-687-6100; an associate will be available to assist you.

What information would the sales representative need to place an order?  -  To place an order, the sales representative would need a current state issued identification, and the required deposit. In addition, if you are a renter, The Floor Company would need an “Authorization Letter” from your property owner allowing The Floor Company to perform work on the premise.

When can I expect my sales representative to arrive?  -  Your sales representative will arrive anytime within the two-hour window that you initially selected during your appointment set-up.

Why must all parties making the decision be present for the entire appointment?  -  Sales representative's cannot leave samples at your home. If there is more than one person required for a purchase decision, we ask that they be present eed view the samples at the time of the visit, and to discuss purchasing options.

What products can be installed Next-Day?  -  Most of our "In-Stock' products can be installed next day, including Carpet, Ceramic, Laminate, Hardwood, but Quartz and Granite countertops, and other special order and custom projects take a little longer.

What brands does The Floor Company carry?  -  The Floor Company carries a full range of brands to meet any home owners needs. We carry most almost all popular flooring and countertops brands. Please check the 'Brands & Products' section for a more detailed listing.

Does The Floor Company carry Area Rugs?  -  We can have any style or color of carpet you select, cut to any shape or size, then bound with a complimenting edge binding of your choice.

What types of payments does The Floor Company accept?  -  The Floor Company accepts Cashier Checks, Checks, Money Orders, Certified Checks and Credit Cards. We have financing available as well. If interested, an application would need to be filled out, and of course, approved.

Does The Floor Company offer financing? Can I apply for financing prior to the Sales Appointment?  -  Yes, The Floor Company offers financing with “No Interest, No payment for one year” for qualified applicants. We can pre-approve your financing prior to the sales appointment, upon request.

Do The Floor Company products carry a warranty? -  Yes, all The Floor Company products are warranted. Details for product warranties can be provided at anytime, and will be discussed during your free in-home consultation.

Does The Floor Company dispose of my old product?  -  The Floor Company does offer free haul away options; and we recycle old carpet! Your sales representative can provide the details.

Does The Floor Company clean carpet?  -  YES. Using the new 'Pure Water' Steam Clean Method.  Ask for details.  This is truly the absolute best method, for cleaner, softer, and true green carpet cleaning.

Does The Floor Company repair or service existing products?  -  No, The Floor Company does not service nor do we do repairs on others installations, or products that were not purchased from us.

Does The Floor Company color match carpet?  -  The Floor Company does not color match however with the variety of styles and colors available we can work towards complimenting your décor.

Does The Floor Company install on weekends?  -  Yes. The Floor Company can install on Saturdays. Saturday installations are highly sought after, and may require scheduling your job on the next available or open Saturday. Installations on Sundays are currently unavailable.

How can I schedule my installation?  -  Your Sales Representative can schedule an installation appointment at the time of his or her visit. If an installation appointment was not scheduled with the Sales Representative, please contact 602-687-6100, and our scheduling department will be available to assist you.

How do I re-schedule my installation?  -  Please contact 602-687-6100; and our scheduling department will be able to help you with your rescheduling.

When will my installer arrive at my home?  -  Installers can arrive at anytime between 8:00am and 10am. Check to see if your 1st stop or 2nd stop, etc...

Does The Floor Company move furniture?  -  Yes, The Floor Company does move basic furniture, but not extremely heavy objects  or pianos, china cabinets, pool tables, floor model televisions, fish tanks etc...

Is there a product minimum or limit on purchases?  -  No, there is no minimum or limit for purchases.

Why is my carpet shedding?  -  It is not uncommon for new carpet to shed for up to 120 days. The main reason for carpet shedding is due to loose fiber left from the milling process. It is recommended that the carpet be vacuumed frequently to eliminate or minimize the shedding.

I have an issue or concern regarding my product that is already installed.  -  Please contact us at 602-687-6100 or select “Contact Us” here on this website and describe how we can be of assistance. 

Product Care Tips

How can I remove dried glue from my laminate flooring?  -  Dried glue can be removed from laminate flooring using an organic solvent such as mineral spirits, thinner or fingernail polish remover.  Never use cleaning solvent directly on product and spot test in a discrete area before cleaning. Always review your warranty’s condition and exclusions prior to using any solvents.

How do I remove stains from carpet?  -  Some carpet stains can be removed using a spot cleaning kit. Never scrub or brush stains. Blotting stains is recommended. Vacuum area after cleaning, and always do a spot test in a discrete area, before using any product. Always review your warranties condition and exclusions prior to using any solvents.

How can I repair scratch marks and chips on laminate flooring?  -  For scratch marks and minor repairs, approved laminate floor filler may correct minor damages. More serious damages may require replacing a plank.

How do I clean my new carpet flooring?  -  For carpet floor maintenance, it is essential to regularly vacuum. To maintain stain warranty coverage, carpet must be professional cleaned every 18 months from the date of installation. For ceramic floor maintenance, do not use any abrasive cleaning product. Ceramic flooring can be cleaned by following cleaning directions on cleaners specifically approved to clean tile.

How do I clean my new hardwood flooring?  -  For hardwood floor maintenance, a lightly moist mop, and a wood flooring cleaner like 'Bona X' may be used. Follow cleaning directions on cleaners that are specifically approved for hardwood flooring.

How do I clean my new hardwood flooring?  -  For daily laminate floor maintenance, a dry dusting with a microfiber cloth is suggested. For occasional moist cleaning, mist or spray a microfiber cloth, and if using a cleaning solvent, only use laminate flooring recommended cleaning products. Always review your warranty’s condition and exclusions prior to using any solvents.


Does The Floor Company  offer name-brand carpets?  -  The Floor Company offers top quality carpets from the leading brand names in the industry, including Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu.

How quickly can installation begin?  -  The Floor Company prides itself on being able to provide “Immediate Installation.” If products you select are in stock,  your flooring can often times be installed the very next day!

How long does it take for other companies to install Carpet?  -  The Floor Company  offers next day installation, unlike competitors, who can take 3 -4 weeks to install.

What type of Carpet is best for my home?  -  Several factors should be considered, before selecting the perfect type of carpet for your home. Consideration on the area of the home, and the amount of traffic a room receives. Your Sales Representative will help you weigh all of these factors, and help you choose the right carpet and pad for your lifestyle and budget. Now offering GREEN carpet and GREEN pad, for the eco conscious and earth friendly customers.

What type of pad or cushion is best for my home?  -  As with carpet, there are several types of cushions to choose from. Each pad type comes in different varieties and densities, which determines whether the cushion is soft, firm, resilient, or supportive. Your Sales Representative will help you choose the cushion that fits your type of room, and the amount of traffic it receives.

What type of warranty is offered on Carpet?  -  Depending on the brand, warranties range from 5 years, to 25 years.

Hardwood Flooring

Does The Floor Company carry hardwood flooring?  -  The Floor Company offers a wide variety of and engineered hardwood  and solid wood floors. Whatever your needs, The Floor Company can supply a hardwood floor, that is perfect for you. Please ask your Customer Service Representative which products are available and best in Arizona.

Can my Hardwood floor be refinished?  -   All hardwood floors may at some time require refinishing depending on age, wear and tear. A traditional refinish refers to the process of stripping your floor and re-applying, or changing the stain color. All The Floor Company hardwood floors allow for “screen and recoats,” which is a process similar to a refinish but much less disruptive. A “screen and recoat” allows the finish of the flooring to be restored to its original look without all of the mess of sanding and buffing.

Laminate Flooring

What are the benefits of using The Floor Company  for my laminate flooring?  -  The Floor Company's laminate flooring is designed to be durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. We purchase our laminate flooring from only the finest manufacturers in the world. The Floor Company works closely on design and styling, to provide our customers with the assurance of quality products to fit their lifestyle.

Do I need to worry about fading?  -  The Floor Company’s laminate flooring, is pretty much worry-free, because we offer laminates that are warranted against fading. Our laminate flooring is also highly resistant to sunlight, scratches, stains and burns.

Can a chip in my laminate floor be replaced?  -  Even though The Floor Company's laminate flooring is extremely durable, it is not indestructible. If severe damage to your floor occurs, it is possible to have a single plank replaced without ruining your entire floor.

How is laminate flooring installed?  -  The Floor Company laminate flooring is installed using a state-of-the-art locking system that will give your floor years of solid performance. This installation method does not require glue, so there is virtually no post-installation cleaning required.

Can laminate flooring be installed in all of the rooms in my home?  - Yes. Our laminate flooring can be installed anywhere in your home. Some of our floors even include a water damage warranty, making them safe to install in bathrooms and other areas where moisture may be a concern.

Can Laminate flooring be installed on my stairs?  -  Yes.

Can Laminate flooring be installed over my existing floor?  -  The Floor Company can install laminate flooring over any level concrete, vinyl, ceramic or hardwood floor.

Can my laminate floor really be installed the very next day?  -  Because of an exclusive agreement we have with our suppliers, we can frequently install your flooring the very next day. On occasion, the transition moldings may need to be ordered, as they are not stocking items.

General Flooring

Does The Floor Company offer name-brand flooring products?  - The Floor Company carries a wide variety of flooring brands. Many of the largest manufacturers in the world make flooring to our stringent specifications. Your Sales Representative can provide you with a complete list of our brands during your appointment.

How quickly can installation begin?  -  The Floor Company prides itself on being able to provide immediate installation.  Laminate, carpet, hardwoods and tile flooring can be installed within a couple of days from the day you order, and next day, upon request.. providing materials are in stock, and scheduling allows it.

How long does it take for other companies to install hard surface flooring products?  -  The Floor Company  installs hard surface flooring and carpet, usually next day, while other companies can take weeks to measure and install.

Do you carry vinyl, linoleum, or VCT?  -  We offer a great alternative – Laminate! Not only wood look laminates, but tile and stone looks as well ! All of these choices will provide a durable finish that, if maintained properly, will long outlast the average vinyl floor.

Do you finish jobs with transition moldings?  -  All of The Floor Company installations are professionally finished with fashionable, coordinating trim, or you may select optional blending or coordinating new baseboards, but we usually remove and reset your existing baseboards.

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